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Sechs wandschirme in Gestalten der verganglichen Welt

Sechs wandschirme in Gestalten der verganglichen Welt Produced in Vienna in 1847 by the Orientalist August Pfizmaier (sp), this book is assumed to be based on Ukiyoe Six-Paneled Folding Screen, which was written by Tanehiko Ryutei in 1821. The Vienna Edition is a reissue in that it is a translated reproduction made to resemble the original as closely as possible.

In introducing this work, it must be pointed out that in order to reprint the original book, the block printing method of carving a single printing block for the printing process was not used. Instead, separate plates were especially made for the pictorial elements and the lettering, and the lettering was made to closely resemble brush writing by using kana type in an unbroken script style, a Western inspiration. The reason for this was because it is otherwise necessary to make a large stock of type before making the printing blocks, an extremely time-consuming method that must be employed since temporary methods will not suffice. In the East, a wood block would most probably be made in the same way as the original.

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