Kaitai Shinsho (New Book of Anatomy)

On exhibit


No. 37883-37887

The first Japanese-Western anatomical medical text translated to a professional standard. This book introduced a European view of the human body to Japan for the first time. The original master copy of this book was called Anatomische Tabellen (Anatomical text with illustrated commentary which was Dutch translation of Anatomy pictorial book written by German medical scientist Kulmus, translated by the Dutch Medical scientist Dixon), and Sugita Genpaku, Maeno Ryotaku, and others spent three years translating it into Chinese and published it. The book included 21 anatomical charts. These are woodblock-printed reproductions of the copperplate anatomical drawings published in several Western anatomical books, as well as the original book of Kulmus, and were copied by Odano Naotake, a samurai of the Akita clan.