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How Packages Are Created

The packages that we see all around us have a wide range of functions: they preserve their contents, they maintain quality, they're easy to use, they're easy on the environment. And a package's design makes it stand out, compelling the consumer to choose it from among its rivals on the shelf. Truly good packages possess all these traits, and this exhibit demonstrates how they're made, by including a film that shows how the package for LOTTE's popular Koala-no-March (Koala's March) is created as well as items used in actual package production such as printing plates and tools.

Schedule: Aug. 2, 2005 (Tue) - Sep. 11, 2005 (Sun)
Closed: Mondays
Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Admission: Free
(Admission fee required for visitors wishing to see the Main Exhibits Room in the Printing Museum, Tokyo.)
How Packages Are Created

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