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What's an e-Books?
A New Era of Reading

Until now, we've always read books by turning each soft white page on which letters have been printed. This process of reading has remained unaltered for almost 600 years, but a revolutionary change in the form that books take is now upon us -- e-books.

Hardly a day goes by without some mention of e-books in various media-television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet. Consequently, most of us are at least vaguely aware of e-books. But do they only represent a modification in the form of books themselves? Or will they perhaps change the way in which we read?

For those of you who are wondering, we present an introduction to e-books.

Schedule: Mar. 31, 2012 (Sat) - May. 27, 2012 (Sun)
Closed: Mondays, May 1
*Open, however, on Apr. 30
Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Admission: Free
(Admission fee required for visitors wishing to see the Main Exhibits Room in the Printing Museum, Tokyo.)
What's an e-Books? A New Era of Reading

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