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[Temporary Exhibition]

The 3rd Anniversary Exhibition of the Printing Museum, Tokyo
The Dawn of Japanese Movable Type
- Shozo Motoki's Modern World

Modern Japan was built on the Meiji Restoration and the cultural enlightenment. Information emerged as one of the driving forces behind the Restoration and enlightenment, along with the modernization that followed. The efficient dissemination of information became crucial to the formation of the modern state of Japan, and the means for this effective communication of information to the masses was the import of movable type technology from Europe and America. This exhibit focuses on the introduction of Western movable type technology and Shozo Motogi's contribution to the foundation of the modern printing industry in Japan. The exhibit further shows in systematic fashion what effects the new technology had on Japanese society, the social value of printing as a communication media, and the role of printers in sustaining the media.

Schedule: Oct. 7, 2003 (Tue) - Feb. 13, 2004 (Fri)
Closed: Mondays
(except Oct 13, Nov 3, Nov 24, 2003; Jan 5, Jan 12, 2004),
Oct 14 (Tue), Nov 4 (Tue), Nov 25 (Tue);
from Dec 27 (Sat) to Jan 4 (Sun), 2004; Jan 13 (Tue), 2004
Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
(final admission to the Main Exhibition Room: 17:30)
Admission: Adults: 500 yen
High school students: 300 yen
Elementary school and junior high school students: 200 yen

*A 50 yen discount per person is offered for groups of 20 or more
*Admission is free for visitors aged 65 and older
*Admission is free for the physically challenged and their attendants
The Dawn of Japanese Movable Type - Shozo Motoki's Modern World

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Shozo MOTOGI's Type Recreation Project
  The Association of the Preservation of Modern Type Printing Culture
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