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Floor Guide

Floor Guide

The Printing Museum, Tokyo occupies the first floor and 1st basement level of Toppan Printing Co, Ltd.'s new office building in Koishikawa, just below 21 floors of offices.
The museum has a floor area of about 4,150 m², of which 1,770 m² is used for exhibitions.


01 General Exhibition Zonedetails
Exhibits examining the relationship between printing and culture from many perspectives

02 Temporary Exhibition Zonedetails
Temporary exhibitions on various printing themes

03 Printing Workshop "Printing House"
Experience real printing techniques with an emphasis on the letterpress method

04 Prologue Exhibition Zone
A gateway to the world of printing

05 VR Theater
Virtual reality shows created using computer graphics. Open on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays immediately following Sundays.
(Limited seating)

06 Gutenberg Room (Study Room)
Used for museum orientation, viewing video programs, and so on. (Seats up to 70 people)
If you have any inquiries on the use of the Gutenberg Room, contact the Curation and Planning section at:
Tel: 03-5840-2300 / E-mail:


11 Museum Shop
Exclusive Printing Museum souvenirs, books, and other merchandise

12 P&P Gallery(details
Multipurpose gallery used for exhibitions and events

13 Library
Books and magazines on and about printing. Visitors are welcome to browse through the collection or search for a specific work.


Other Facilities
 ·Toppan Hall
 A concert hall with perfect acoustics, used mainly for classical performances
 ·Koishikawa Terrace
 ·Heartfull Cafe

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