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Welcome to " Graphic Trial 2018 -Passion-"

This year's season for Graphic Trial has finally arrived and the 13th such event will involve a collaborative project between leading creators and engineers from Toppan Printing to challenge new forms of printing expression.

This year, we have invited four creators: Mr. Akira Uno, a leading figure in the art world as an illustrator, Mr. Santi Lawrachawee, who has also pioneered unique expression in the field of graphic design in Thailand, and two budding Japanese designers, Messrs. Yoshihiro Yagi and Haruyuki Suzuki. Please enjoy their grand passion for expression, the skillful techniques of printing directors who accept their passion and their resulting collaboration.

We are convinced of the potential printing has for the future through this expressive experiment; developed on five individual B-1 size posters. This exhibition has been possible thanks to the support and efforts of so many interested parties on our behalf. Thank you very much.

June 2018

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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