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The ultimate work in advertising

Based in New York City, the Art Directors Club is the world's oldest organization for artists working in the field of advertising today. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this cooperative organization has invited creative professionals to display their work in the ADC Annual Awards competition.

Attracting the highest level of advertising art to be found in the world, the ADC Annual Awards competition accepts entries in a wide range of categories, including the seven main categories of Design, Illustration, Photography, Motion, Integrated, Interactive Media, and Advertising. Among the awards annually given to the most original works chosen from more than 10,000 entries is the Black Cube, which is given to best-in-show winners in the Design, Interactive, and Advertising categories.

P&P Gallery is proud to present a selection of these advertising artworks in our Art Directors Club Awards Exhibition, which focuses on winning works from 2012 and works by Japanese professionals. Because the ADC Awards are the ultimate of their kind, the works displayed in this exhibit are examples of the latest work in advertising art and graphic design in today's world.

The ADC Awards Exhibition was shown at the Advertising Museum Tokyo last year, but this year you will find the Exhibition at P&P Gallery. Where is graphic art headed in the 21st century? You'll find the answers to that question in this exhibit.

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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