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What is three-dimensional printing?

The technology called 3D (three-dimensional) printing has recently come to thrive and enliven the world. The technology for printing in two dimensions dates back longer than a thousand years and continues to play an active role in every part of life. But printing in three dimensions adds a new level of challenge. How, mechanically, can we copy a three-dimensional object?

At last, 3D printing is emerging from its early stages of development into a mature stage of widespread practical adoption. Its scope will extend from sundry goods in daily life through to sophisticated medical devices, production equipment, and cultural artifacts of every ilk.

Of course there are obstacles. We, as a museum all about printing, are thinking about the present and future of this new technology and pondering the possibilities of the 3D printing concept. We urge you to come visit our exhibition, "Welcome to the World of 3D Printing!" We look forward to seeing you here.

March, 2014

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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