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For emotional support in emergencies

Most people have never actually experienced a life-changing disaster. Yet all of us have seen the awesome destructive force of tornados, floods, and earthquakes in photographs and news accounts on television and the internet.

No one who sees the images recorded in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake will ever forget them. Those images set my mind in motion. I wanted to discover the types of package designs people could most readily use in actual disasters.

What kind of designs should we prepare for the emergency goods we keep on hand? How can our designs help people confront disasters effectively and appropriately? How can they keep people calm when trouble strikes? In our search for answers, we at the museum have compiled a collection of various proposals by designers from the Japan Package Design Association.

Please let us know your impressions when you finish exploring the exhibition.

Sep, 2014

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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