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Trends in packaging

Almost all commodities in the market are sold in packages of one type or another. A package must be strong to protect its contents. It should also be designed with charm and appear clean, intact, and secure to stir the consumer’s purchasing motivation. Manufacturers must be able imagine how the power of design and printing can improve the user experience with the product at home. The shop should be a place where customers share a vision of the images conceived by the manufacturers.

Back in 2005, The Printing Museum, Tokyo held an exhibition entitled “Until the Completion of a Package.” The exhibition focused on the various design and development stages that go into the production of a package. In the years since interest in packaging has steadily grown, both in the museum and in the public at large. For our new exhibition we are revisiting the theme of packaging in collaboration with three organizations:
      - Japan Federation of Printing Industries (JFPI)
      - The Japan Package Design Association (JPDA)
      - Japan Packaging Institute
All three organizations have been lauded and honored for their many package works. The upcoming exhibition will introduce some of their recent award-winning packages. We believe their works faithfully reflect the current trends in packaging.

"Modern Japan Package 2015" will be held from September 26 (Sat.) to November 29 (Sun.), 2015. Please come and see the current trends in packaging and let us know your impressions.

Sept, 2015

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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