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Graphic Trial comes again this year!

The term "Graphic Trial" has become very familiar to all of us. We have good reason to know all about the event. Ten Graphic Trials have already been held and we are about to hold the 11th.

From growth to maturity and assembly.

As we enter the 11th Graphic Trial, I am determined to find new directions for our next leaps ahead. Our keyword is "Crossing." By mixing various techniques for graphic expression, we explore how they intersect. This year the intersections extend long distances throughout the countries of Southeast Asia. To explore them we are crossing the sea.

At the beginning, the Graphic Trial was conceived as an attempt to develop the various possibilities of offset printing technology. Every year, representative modern creators and young forces gather to compete with each other on a common platform. What kind of results have grown out of this attempt? Please let us know of your impressions.

One last point. The comprehensive exhibition room has a special corner dedicated to the "History of the Stars Exhibition." We encourage you to have a look.

June 2016

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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