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Printing Museum, Tokyo Why we are here

Printing Museum
What do we do?
1 The museum puts the craft of printing under the spotlight. Many of its activities focus on the printing of Japan and the rest of Asia.
2 The museum leads visitors on a voyage of discovery in the world of printing through a process of feeling, understanding, discovering, and creating.
3 Until now, printing research has focused largely on the technical elements of the craft. The museum presents the technical aspects of printing ingreat detail, but takes more than just a nuts-and-bolts approach.Visitors will become conversant with a very young field of inquiry: the study of prinitng culture.
The Study of Printing Culture?

The study of printing culture is a new learning domain concerned with the social and cultural influences of printing, the customs and artifacts that printing has engendered, and the interactions between people and printing.
The study of printing culture is both technical and interdisciplinary.

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