Poster for Mitsukoshi Gofukuten, Kono Bijin (Department store)



No. 72895

This poster was designed by Hashiguchi Goyo, who attracted attention for the binding of the first edition of Natsume Soseki's I am a Cat. This won the first prize in the Mitsukoshi Gofukuten's first advertisement design contest in the year 1911 (Meiji 44). At a time when it was common for printing companies to take the lead in the production of posters in Japan, this call for prizes was an epoch-making event that advertiser took the leadership. The unbelievable prize of 1,000 yen for the first prize made this contest a hot topic, and Goyo's name became more widely known. The original picture was drawn with Art Nouveau in mind, and was printed at the Mitsuma Printing Office, which was the purveyor of Mitsukoshi. It was drawn by a painter on more than 30 separate plates and overprinted with elaborate skill.