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Viewing Collection

Presenting a Selection of the Works from the Printing Museum, Tokyo’s Collection.


Captivating type fonts, elaborate posters and publications, effects created only by printing. Take a look at the world of woodblock prints, an art form that continues to pursue and perfect beauty.

Sechs wandschirme in Gestalten der verganglichen Welt

Sagabon— Tsurezuregusa

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer—Kelmscott Press

Enhancing Lifestyles

A display of printed materials that amuse and entertain us, and bring joy to our everyday lives. Prints that give a physical form to prayers offered to Shintoist and Buddhist deities are also on view.

Chinese Popular Prints



Sorin Darani (sutra) from the Hyakumanto-darani (Million Sutra Pagodas)


Printing is necessary in order to transmit news flashes, corporate advertising, and any of the other types of information that people need to know. The wish to get information across to the greatest number of people, the need to make products appealing to the consumer—experience how printing can make these desires a reality.

Punches and Punch Matrices Made by Sintering

Nagasaki Woodblock Prints


Imparting Knowledge

Humans have a history of opening up new cultures by sharing the knowledge of their predecessors. We take a look at our priceless heritage.

JONSTON, J. Theatrum Universale Omnium Animalium


SUGITA, Genpaku Kaitai Shinsho

Suruga-ban Copper Type (Japanese important cultural Property)

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