Inquiries to and consultation with the Printing Museum, Tokyo should be directed to the following telephone number or e-mail address. Please take care to dial the correct number.


  • Q1.
    How do we get there from the station?
  • Q2.
    Is there anywhere to eat near the Museum? How about weekends in particular?
  • Q3.
    Do you accept groups arriving by chartered bus?
  • Q4.
    Are there any hands-on activities at the Printing Workshop?
  • Q5.
    About how much time does it take to look around the Museum?
  • Q6.
    Is it possible to buy catalogues to previously held temporary exhibitions?
  • Q7.
    Is photography permitted in the Museum?
  • Q8.
    Can you re-enter after having gone back outside?
  • Q9.
    What does the Museum's logo represent?
    The eye looks like a cat's head….
  • Q10.
    Is there a place to breastfeed or change diapers?
  • Q11.
    Can you obtain back numbers of Printing Museum News?
  • Q12.
    Is there a smoking area?
  • Q13.
    Is there a car park?
  • Q14.
    How many curators work for the museum? How many visitors have you had so far?
  • Q15.
    Can the Museum be visited in a wheelchair or using a baby buggy?
  • Q16.
    Are there lockers or a cloakroom?
  • Q17.
    Can pets be taken to the Museum?
  • Q18.
    Why are the exhibition rooms dark?