An archive specializing in printing containing around 70,000 publications.

The Library has a collection of around 70,000 publications on printing and related fields. Visitors can look at books, and photocopying and reference services are available.
*Note that photocopies are possible only of material that is no longer under copyright, has been commissioned by the Japan Reproduction Rights Center, or which the permission of the copyright holder can be obtained. A charge of 10 yen per copy is made.

■Important note regarding use of the library

  • Library use will be restricted to three-hour sessions, and numbers limited to two people per session.
    Time session
    10:00 to 13:00
    14:00 to 17:00
    Number of users
    2 people
    2 people
  • Number of books that can be viewed: Up to 10 books
  • To consult the library’s reference section please phone or e-mail in advance.

■Using the library

Contact the Museum by e-mail or telephone three days before you wish to use the library, and provide the following information. Please be aware that depending on the situation of library use we may not be able to meet your wishes.
Depending on the usage condition, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Your name
  • Contact details (e-mail address/telephone number)
  • The date and time you wish you to use the library
  • The number of people intending to use the library
  • The material that you wish to look at
  • The library may close temporarily whilst gallery exhibits are being changed

  • Phone number

    +81 3-5840-2300

  • Email address

Guide to using the Library

  • Library Reception Counter

    Visitors can look at books in the Library, and photocopying and reference services are available. Those wishing to use the Library should inquire at the reception counter. Please feel free to consult about searching for material or anything unclear about use of the Library.

    Please note that books cannot be borrowed.

  • Bookshelves(Closed stacks)

    The closed stacks library contains about 70,000 publications on printing and related areas (about 32,000 books and 37,000 magazines as of September 2019). The fields covered include general printing, publishing, advertising, letters, characters, art and design, etching, ink, paper, book binding, bibliographies, material related to printed matter and exhibitions, corporate and institutional history.

    Those wishing to peruse material should apply at either the library information corner or after using the collection search system.

  • Reading space

    the collection (application required), as well freely look at the latest editions of printing industry publications (newspapers), magazines, catalogs of temporary exhibitions held thus far, and literature related to exhibitions underway. Note that while it is possible to bring pencils and laptops into the Reading space visitors are asked to refrain from using mobile phones or eating and drinking.
    When searching for material please use the online public access catalog terminals or the Internet. The collection's search system enables users to search from indexes too. Please use them when widening your searches. Please apply at the counter if you wish to view an item from the collection. Digital versions of the Meiji era publications "Insatsu Zasshi" ("Printing Magazine") and "Insatsu Sekai" ("World of Printing") can be viewed on the terminals in the Reading Room.

    *Please note that visitors are unable to search for or look at books used as exhibit material.

  • Reference service

    Inquiries regarding printing and related fields and searches for materials can be made inside the Museum, or by telephone, fax or e-mail. The National Diet Library's Collaborative Reference Database displays some previous reference examples.