Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Printing Museum, Tokyo (“the Museum”) always strives to obtain public support and understanding for its activities. The Museum may request personal information from the users of this website. Personal information is important and the Museum will protect it in carrying out the objectives described below.

  • 1.

    When using excerpts from the contents of the Museum’s homepage, please indicate the source and clearly identify the excerpted content as required by the Copyright Law. Summarization, alteration, and other activities outside of quotation are prohibited

  • 2.

    The Museum will strictly control and protect the personal information of museum patrons. To protect personal information from loss, destruction, unauthorized release, alteration, and unauthorized access, reasonable security measures based on rules established by TOPPAN Holdings Inc. will be put in place. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, it will be swiftly addressed.

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    The Museum will use patrons’ personal information only for the purpose of sending invitations to private viewings and other events, and sending publications. When personal information is to be used for other purposes, those purposes will be reasonably recognizable as related to the Museum’s operations, and the Museum will notify patrons that personal information will be used for this purpose.

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    In principle, the Museum will not disclose patrons’ personal information to third parties, except as described in (1) through (8) below. When the Museum will disclose patrons’ personal information for other purposes, it will notify them through websites; flyers, pamphlets, or other printed matter; or e-mail, faxes, or other forms of telecommunications. However, the Museum will not share patrons’ personal information with overseas business partners.
    Personal information may be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:

    • (1)

      When the processing of personal information is outsourced to a third party under a contractual agreement, personal information will be disclosed only to the extent necessary for data processing purposes.

    • (2)

      To respond to inquiries from patrons, necessary personal information will be disclosed to relevant third parties under a contractual agreement.

    • (3)

      To respond to patron requests for information, necessary personal information will be disclosed to relevant third parties under a contractual agreement.

    • (4)

      To send prizes or gifts in connection with a promotional activity, necessary personal information will be disclosed to the providers of prizes or gifts, or to delivery firms.

    • (5)

      To provide service descriptions, support information, or other types of information to patrons, necessary personal information will be disclosed to relevant third parties under a contractual agreement.

    • (6)

      To confirm payment methods or status concerning fee-based services offered by the Museum, the Museum may use personal information to request information from relevant institutions or agencies.

    • (7)

      To comply with official requests for information made by courts, police, or other public institutions or agencies in compliance with the law.

    • (8)

      To protect the life, physical well being, or property of a patron or other person, personal information will be provided to relevant institutions or agencies.

  • 5.

    Records of access to the Printing Museum, Tokyo website (the Museum website) are analyzed using Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., to improve services offered by the Museum. Records of access analyzed using Google Analytics contain numbers assigned to access times, access times, pages accessed, and numbers assigned to inquiries, but do not contain any information that could enable the identification of an individual, such as name or IP address.
    Cookies are used to collect information on browsing of the website, but users can prevent the collection of this information by disabling Cookies.

  • 6.

    These provisions may be revised as necessary in light of changes in the Museum’s operations or services. The Museum’s latest Privacy Policies are posted on its website.

  • 7.

    When the Museum receives a request from a patron to revise, update, or delete his or her personal information, it will respect the patron’s wishes and take all reasonable and necessary steps. (It should be noted, however, that revising, updating, or deleting personal information may make it impossible to use Museum services requiring the use of personal information.)
    The Museum has designated the following phone number for patrons to use in making inquiries about personal information.

TOPPAN Holdings Inc.
Printing Museum, Tokyo

Tel : +81 3-5840-2300

Revised and published on April 6, 2022