Naoe version Wen Xuan (Selection of Refined Literature)

On exhibit


No. 29401

The Wen Xuan (Selection of Refined Literature) is the oldest existing major anthology that was compiled in Chinese Liang dynasty (between the years 502-557). Naoe Kanetsugu, a senior retainer of Uesugi Kagekatsu, requested that the Yobo-ji Temple, Kyoto print and publish this Wen Xuan with the use of wooden movable types in the year 1607(Keicho 12). These were called Naoe versions after his name, or were called Yobo-ji Temple versions. Naoe version Wen Xuan which is in the possession of this museum was reprinted after the death of Naoe Kanetsugu, by his lawful wife “Osen no Kata” in the year 1625 (Kan'ei 2). It was printed with slightly larger wooden movable types, and had some differences from other version books, such as the lack of ruled lines in the text.