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Welcome to the World of Printing

Our everyday lives are colored with printed matter of every variety. Most people in the world never pass a day without seeing something in print. Yet for all its ubiquity, we know surprisingly little about printing.

This temporary exhibition will draw you closer into the world of printing. To deepen your understanding of printing, the craft is introduced as we encounter it in various parts of our lives.

Besides just showing, this temporary exhibition offers worksheets and quizzes as a study activity for children during their summer vacation. The quizzes are also fun for adults. People of all ages are invited to visit our temporary exhibition and learn more about the world of printing.

Schedule: Jul. 26, 2002 (Fri) - Aug. 29, 2002 (Thu)
Closed: Mondays
Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (final admission 17:30)
Admission: Adults: 300 (250) yen
High school and university students: 200 (150) yen

*(  ) is for groups of more than 20 people
Free admittance to senior citizens (65 years and over) and all children up to high school age (15 years old).
Welcome to the World of Printing

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