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The process of creating typefaces for print.

Myriad printed letters appear in our field of vision every day. Yet only rarely do we pay conscious attention to the kinds of typefaces we see printed on physical media (books, newspapers, documents) or shown on electronic displays (TVs, PC, smartphones). We pay far more attention when we compose typefaces to send information to others. Our natural instinct is to select typefaces that draw people's eyes and are easily read.

The methods for creating and arranging typefaces have steadily evolved over the many centuries since type printing was invented. Just this year, Toppan has announced a new typeface called Toppan Bunkyutai. The creation of Toppan Bunkyutai can serve as an opportunity to look back on the various processes used to design and manufacture print typefaces. What typefaces are suitable for the new era?

We invite you to visit and thoroughly enjoy our newest exhibition.

March 2017

Koichi Kabayama
Printing Museum, Tokyo

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